Why now? Why Tamarindo?

We thought – let’s travel Costa Rica while I’m on mat leave.  It won’t be easy, but we can manage 1 baby between us, right?  …. then we learned that we were having twins.   See you can pass 1 baby off to your partner during a long plane ride, strap 1 baby on your back while your partner carries the supplies and go for a hike.  You can take 1 baby into the ocean while your partner takes photos or sits with your belongings. It’s not easy, but traveling with 1 baby means 1 parent is able to “support”.  2 babies means sitting in different rows of an airplane because there aren’t enough oxygen masks in each row for 5 people.  It means each of you carries a baby AND a backpack everywhere you go.  You both have a baby in the water so no photos and your belongings fend for themselves.

So when J suggested we still do our Costa Rica trip I think I cried, then laughed, then sobbed, then apologized, then fell asleep (unsupported fact: it takes twice as long for your hormones to regulate after having multiples).  The idea was overwhelming but (if you know J) he had a plan and was determined to make it happen and I was needing to believe that I could still be fabulous with twins.

So we began researching Costa Rica.  When you’re a single traveller you want excitement, adventure, nightlife, off the beaten path unique experiences that take your breath away.  J and I have each traveled parts of Europe, the UK, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Cuba, Mexico, the USA and of course Canada.  But planning for this trip was entirely different.  Our “must haves” became very ON the beaten path, close to hospitals and airports, little to no language barrier (aka Expat community). We also wanted to surf and that led us right to Tamarindo.  We had friends who recommended it (thanks Ash, Dan and Laura).  We met people online who offered suggestions (thanks Michelle and Tara) and we read lots and lots of blogs, articles, Facebook pages and travel reviews.  J had been working from home for the past year and had recently started his own business Upstream Flix and so the final requirement was a place we could call home and potentially stay in long term.


So here we are, day #4 and blog entry #1.  I wanted a way to keep our family and friends updated with our adventures and a place where I could essentially journal my thoughts as a new mom, as a foreigner and as someone who is open to opportunities.  It’s trial and error, and I thank you for sharing this with me.



(I make no apologies for grammar or spelling errors)


19 thoughts on “Why now? Why Tamarindo?

  1. I love you all. You are amazing! I will agree that Twins hormones take longer to regulate and you should know that you are MORE fabulous (was that possible??) as a mother of twins!

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  2. Take a deep breath, you’re still going to be fabulous with twins in a foreign country! I totally understand what you mean about your adventures being on the beaten path now – my husband and I were just talking about how we’re not taking advantage of all Guatemala has to offer because we have young twins who either a) aren’t old enough to appreciate it, or b) aren’t old enough to participate. We certainly felt that way when we were in Costa Rica as well. While it feels like we’re missing out one kind of adventure, we are totally appreciating being part of our boys’ adventures. You will too.

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  3. This is so awesome!!!! Love the blog! Thanks for keeping us all updated! The intro paragraph is great,… what a handful it is having twins! And double the fun!! Love you guys! xoxo

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  4. I love it. I have never read or participated in a “blog” and am super excited to lose my “blog-ginity” to you. Keep them coming I’m already hooked. (And am also on mat leave so am laughing and crying along with you.)


  5. Oh Keg you are amazing and so is your family! This is an amazing idea the blog and what an experience you are all having. Love to all of you xo


  6. “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” (Mae West) ..Relax and enjoy the journey, keep reminding yourself where you are and how lucky you are to be doing this!!!! .. love this blog, you’re so fabulous and the Twinkies have only made you double fabulous!! ❤ u all, miss u even more!!


  7. Kendahl thanks so much for starting the blog. I have followed your announcement of twins and the journey thus far vicariously on Facebook. I am so happy for you and proud of you and very pleased that I had the opportunity to get o know you! All the very best in your new adventure.

    Helena Aspinall (nee Campbell)

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  8. Looking forward to reading about the Cardinal Adventures. All the precious memories and experiences will far outweigh the extra work involved in Tripping with Twinkies. ENJOY your time in Costa Rica and thanks for sharing.

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