Twins = Gemelos

Meeting new people can be overwhelming.  There is the social dance of starting a conversation, finding commonality, keeping things light and simple or bonding by being honest and vulnerable.  Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to commit.  You can only imagine what this dance looks like when there is a language barrier.  I should get J to film my facial expressions when we meet people on the street.  I naturally have a huge smile on my face when we say hello “hola”.  This smile grows when they ask if our babies are twins “gemelos” and I nod with pride when they tell me they are cute “lindos/linda” – then I become a deer in headlights as they proceed to engage in a full conversation.  I freeze as I try to figure out where one word ends and the next begins, they clearly see my confusion and repeat their question slowly and with hand gestures… I attempt to repeat their words and hand gestures but of course I have NO idea what I am saying or doing.  This continues until they either ask in English, or give up and go back to the twins.  Actually, as I write this I realize most of the conversations I’ve had have been directed to the twin as if I am their (very bad) interpreter.  It’s only a matter of time before I become unnecessary, I can already see it:  her first words will be in Spanish; a witty yet charming anecdote about having to share the womb, my boobs and her youth with the clown beside her.  He of course would give a big flirty grin and everyone (but me) will laugh.

By the end of week 1 we have: chatted with every person we have seen on the street, shopped in all of the grocery stores comparing prices, explored both Tamarindo and Langosta, enjoyed $2 beers with a few locals at Sharky’s, swam in the ocean, bought fresh fish from “the fish guy”, drank delicious coconut water straight from coconuts, had amazing coffee, sweat my ass off, been caught in a downpour, enjoyed homemade rum/fruit smoothies every night, found our first ever nanny/babysitter (will post later with details) and started my first blog.

Next week – we surf.

xo, Kendahl.


3 thoughts on “Twins = Gemelos

  1. Just smile and nod! I think in the beginning of my trip I was speaking Spanglish purely in nouns, which seemed to work! Or so I think it did, but on the locals end, they’ve probably picked up on the “just smile and nod” gesture too come to think of it!

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  2. Fantastic writing! You truly are gifted with words in written form. What a fabulous adventure you are all on. Glad to virtually come along and live vicariously through your beautiful family! Hang in there, soon the locals will come to love you simply because you are a lovely human! The twins are a great conversation starter!

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