Week 2 – Que Lindo

So my son met his first prostitute last night – and of course, he loved her.  IN her defence she was lovely; smiling and calling him cute “que lindo” so what’s not to like. She came complete with her own pimp – brimmed hat, walking cane, gold rings – classic.  As we walked away J commented that we would NEVER stop and chat with hookers in Vancouver…. ahhh Tamarindo.  Let me clarify that Tamarindo doesn’t appear to have a prostitution problem or anything, these two were on the patio of a bar and maybe I’m being a jerk here and she just wears short short and he rocks a cain… errr no – they were definitely “working folk”.

We have been here 2 weeks today and I have gone through every emotion possible. Yesterday it was “overwhelmed”.  I spent the first week familiarizing myself with Tamarindo, talking with/listening to/looking like a deer in the headlights at everyone we met.   I feel a bit lost Week 2.  I don’t have a rhythm yet and there is very little (if ANY) time to take on my own and find said rhythm… Oh “the twins and I” have a rhythm, “J and I” have a rhythm, but me … just me…. KENDAHL…. she is a bit lost.  I don’t know if this is related to being a new(ish) mom still finding my way, or because I’m a foreigner finding my way or a bit of both.  Is there such a thing as a 1/3 life crisis? I’m going through something here.

I actually spent this past week working on a totally different topic detailing our travel and showing photos of our accommodations/life here but then yesterday hit me (right in the junk) and I wanted to vent/share instead. Sometimes you just wake up shitty and you stay shitty all day and there is no amount of sun or surf, or supportive husband or smiling babies that can help.  That last part is what breaks my heart.  How can I be in a beautiful place, with my fantastic family and feel this way *cue guilt* and now I’m going to brood about it all day *cue obsession* until I  either pass out *cue sleep* or come to some realization and feel better *cue relief*.

Week 2 hasn’t all been like this.  We have enjoyed a few “Happy Hours”, swam in the ocean and strolled along the beach. I’ve included some photos from our week including different patterns in the sand which change along the beach (I think they are so cool) and of course photos of the happy babies.  They love every minute of indoor/outdoor/stroller/beach time. Luckily, they don’t process my sad face yet. They don’t know how to judge. They only know how to smile and make people smile – including me on sad days – and prostitutes and pimps.


5 thoughts on “Week 2 – Que Lindo

  1. Oh the wonderful world of travel/motherhood – breaks you down, but it builds you back up too. It is indeed a journey and you are growing each day. Love you Kendahl!

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  2. Aww love the pictures, miss the twins and you guys! You have all of this time in a new place to do whatever you want to do, but sometimes it’s not enough. I felt a bit of what you’re feeling when I was in Nicaragua traveling by myself for the very first time. Then I made some friends who helped me find ‘direction’… if you will. When do Grace and the family arrive? I think some familiar faces might help instead of the prostitutes and pimps that put a smile on London’s face 🙂 Love you!

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    • I forgot what traveling can be like, and how important it is to still have downtime… seems that it would just happen naturally, but you do need to plan for it or else you just go non-stop and it takes a toll (on me anyhow) … I did take some time this weekend and feel MUCH better. Paul, Grace and the family come next week which will be awesome. xo


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