Week 3 – Trunk or Treat

Has anyone heard of ‘Trunk or Treat’? It’s like tailgating for kids. Everyone pops their trunk and hands out candy as the kids go around “trunk to trunk”. My girlfriend just posted photos of her family participating in Ghana which begs the question: Is this an expat thing? It’s a brilliant idea. We got to experience it this year at the Surf Shack who hosted the event. Obviously the twins couldn’t participate so we just grabbed dinner and socialized (aka people watched) in our “twin” costumes… See photos.

We are well into our 3rd week here and it was the busiest week by far. We spent some time in the ocean with the twins and thanks to the extra hands and support of Yury (our amazing babysitter) finally got some photos. J and I spent his birthday surfing and enjoying some delicious homemade pizza and the incredible view at Higher Ground and then I managed to get another surf day in with a little help again from Yury. And finally we (you guessed it J, Y and I) captured the cutest pumpkin bum photos for Halloween. I saw the idea when I was pregnant and have been waiting this whole time to do it – it was worth the wait.  This week then took a dive for me as I’ve spent the last 6 days battling Dengue Fever. I’ve seen about 5 mosquitoes this whole time, but it only takes 1 to bite you with that sweet sweet virus blessing me with a severe migraine headache, nausea, fatigue, a fever, sore body and full body rash. To top it all off my computer died which isn’t the worst thing that can happen – but just adds the right amount of UCK to my F’d up week!! Aw well. Onward and upward right? At least I got that bumpkin photo 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – Trunk or Treat

  1. Loved and still LOVE the bum pictures! Love being able to “experience” this all with you! Love you and miss u like crazy! keep it up – you are doing an amazing job!! xo


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