2 Months In

We’ve hit the 2 month mark! Before having twins I didn’t realize how much changes in a month. I thought it unnecessary when parents would tell me their baby’s age by month as if it that specific month mattered … well the twins were 15 months old on Monday and let me tell you, it matters.

Since being here they have learned: how to walk (forwards and backwards), stack blocks, spin around, babble, wave goodbye, use a spoon and respond to words such as “up”, “more” and “night-night”. As I watch them overcome their frustration with every fall I can’t help but think how I deal with change and growth. The answer: poorly! I accept change and understand there will always be growing pains, I just hate the process. I hate being bad at something (skiing, surfing, Spanish) and I want to accomplish big strides in short times. Well the phrase “baby steps” seems to pop up a lot lately and as I guide the twins through their challenges I realize I should listen to my own advice. “Slow down – you’ve got it – it’s okay – try again”
P, G, J and O left on Saturday. Talk about what can change in a month. Together our families were able to sustain a routine of: joined meals (usually with fresh fish and fresh produce), nap-times (for the adults as well), beach time, happy hours (our favourite spot Copacabana, is on the beach and has a kids playground on site), surf time, yoga classes, nights out for dinner and dancing, mini-golf, weekly trips to the Feria (farmers market) and time at the pool. It came with a few bumps as each parent got sick and was down for about a week at a time, but overall it was an amazing month and I definitely feel more at home here. I miss my beach buddies and our parade of strollers but I am grateful for the time and the change that happened over the last month.


4 thoughts on “2 Months In

  1. We miss you guys, too. It was a fantastic month. Being back home is still kind of surreal. There are no iguana’s sunbathing downstairs. So strange. You’ll hit a new stride with all the holiday craziness of Tamarindo soon, I’m sure. And then January brings reinforcements, so that will be a whole new thing, too. Love you guys and so happy to come and crash your November! xo


  2. The pictures are great! The twins are getting so big! Looks like you guys had a great time with Paul, Grace and the boys! It sounds like the key to a successful trip with the twins is TIME,… so all you have to do is go on LONG, LONG vacations with London and Waverly and you’re set 🙂 Miss you guys! xoxo

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  3. Oh Kendahl what an amazing adventure! It looks like you guys are having the most incredible time. And yes, wow your kids have grown. I totally agree, it is soo hard but so amazing all at the same time. Miss you guys as always and hope that you have another amazing month. Happy Holidays to all of you and big hugs and kisses from all of us here
    in Edmonton:)

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