In Progress.

We have been back in Vancouver for 1 week now.  It was nice to return home to our things which were familiar and strange at the same time.  I can’t get over how many glasses and plates we have.. or the drawers filled with extra cooking utensils when I use a spatula and a bullet for 99% of our meals… why did I keep 3 garlic presses and 4 serving spoons?  Once we are settled I am determined to clear all of this excess crap.

Clothing is another issue.  I packed all of our non-summer clothing before we left and started sorting through the TUBS over the weekend.  As it turns out, 3/5 tubs marked “twins clothing” were actually just for W.  I was only able to find 2 pairs of pants and 4 shirts for L – can you say shopping spree… or what is now known as “drinking coffee with friends who have older kids and sorting through their toddler stuff”…..what what!!  Not that it will help them adjust to socks and sleeves after 6 months of shorts and bathing-suits, but at least they will be able to play outside!

Our main focus has been on their bedroom.  We decided to set their room up with floor beds which we’ve always loved but weren’t ready to do when they were babies.  Researching further we came across the Montessori philosophy which I am no expert on, nor would I say I am “following”, but it is in line with so much that J and I believe in when it comes to fostering their independence. This quote sums it up nicely: “To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” – Maria Montessori.  I was familiar with the Montessori style of education but never thought how it could be applied to their overall development.  The twins are great sleepers and they are at the age where they play independently (together or apart) and it just seems like a perfect opportunity to continue nurturing that independence.

First of all I found examples I related to (here, here, here,).   Then we 1) kept the room simple, 2) hid all cords and plugged all outlets 3) moved as much to their eye level as we are comfortable with and are 4) in the process of decorating – adding mobiles and photos (higher than they can reach which probably isn’t TRUE Montessori, but it’s our preference). So now when it’s nap-time we put them in their rooms and they choose to either play with their toys or look at the books (all within reach) and when they are ready to fall asleep they crawl into their own beds and pass out.  All in all it has been pretty easy to transition their baby furniture into their toddler room.

I’ve included some Before and After shots of the room so far.  

photo 1

PS:  I showed my mom the “work in progress” on Skype the other day – and she cried – full out tears with concern and worry that the twins had passed out with half of their bodies on the mattress and half on the floor. (see pic)   I was so proud to share our new “concept” and was NOT expecting her to tear up, much like I assume she wasn’t expecting to see the twins “bed-less”. But I will say that by day 3 they seem to play for about 45 minutes before before falling asleep ON the mattresses.  I’m pretty happy with the progress thus far.

PPS: If their great sleeping habits start to fall apart however, I will be bringing the cribs back immediately.  F-U independence, this momma likes her sleep – Pura Vida right?


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