SHE SAID / HE SAID – PART 3 – We’ve been back for a month already??

We’ve been back in Canada for a month now and all I can say is WHAT? WHEN? HUH?  For this She Said/He Said I thought we’d answer some rapid fire questions while we reflect on what was known as “what happened to May”.

Q: What did you think the first month back was going to be like?

She:  Walks, yoga, bike rides, socializing, coffees and contract work. I thought we’d have a month or so of downtime, and then start gearing up for the next adventure.

He:  I knew it was going to be busy but was mentally prepared for that. I had been thinking about things like doing taxes, I was hoping to spend time with friends and get my company even further established then it already was.

Q: What ended up being top priority when you got back?

She:  Setting up the twins room, sorting and unpacking their spring and summer clothes, unpacking our belongings and our spring clothing.  This month turned into a lot of organizing and sorting finishing off with a nice family flu that took us all out for the last 4 days of the month.

He:  Minutia things – things that were slow to get done but had to get done like baby-proofing the place, the taxes, packing up our travel stuff and unpacking our home stuff.  It took so long and I felt very overwhelmed by all of that when we got back. Once that first weekend was over I felt an obligation to focus on work and finally having face to face meetings with people I’d been working with over Skype.  There was an urgency to do it all at once.

Q: What was the biggest surprise?

She: Selling our car – rather how quickly it sold.  After living without a car for the last 6 months was an easy transition and Vancouver has great Car Share programs, but I still thought we would have a few weeks to do the big shops and a few weekend trips.  It sold within days of us posting it and I was not prepared for that.

He: First off was how clean our place was when we got back, very thankful we didn’t have to do a big spring clean.  I found out I also still needed to go to bed early. Our routine was so dependant on the sun in Tamarindo and we would start the wind down around 6pm with the sunset, but without that cue we are staying out later after dinner, starting dishes later and not getting to bed until much later which is making for some pretty tired mornings.

Q: What has been the hardest part?

She: Funny enough it was the “park culture” that threw me the most.  Having outdoor time fit into slots was weird having come from a place where we were always outside.  Actually making plans in general was weird because everything falls into time slots based on nap time.  And while I am totally open to people coming by when the twins are sleeping (and just visiting with me) I realized I had to suggest that because obviously it’s taboo to say to someone “yeah I’d love to come over, and I don’t care if I see your kids or not”.  I’m not that precious about it as I look at visits as adult time with kid bonuses.  I’m just going to take a moment to get real with my parent friends here: I don’t care if I see your kids or not… my relationship is with you – the adult – and your kids are cool but they don’t MAKE the party, and I’m cool if you feel the same way about my kids.  I visit with friends.. they come with or without their kids – it SHOULD be that simple.. but of course nothing ever is.  Trying to continue to go with the flow of life while being an organized mom of 2 seems contradictory, but it’s very liberating when I get it right!

He:  Not having enough time to spend with our family and friends. Both personal and business expectations on my time feel higher than anticipated and it’s resulted in having to make every minute count and not having any downtime for ourselves.  In 1 month our whole family has gotten sick because we probably overstretched ourselves.

Q: Best part?

She:  Seeing our friends and family.  Because we were temporary in CR, we didn’t really build a good friend base and we missed that.  We have been able to see most of our friends in Vancouver since being back.  I’ve also been able to meet up with friends during the days and that 1 on 1 (plus kids) time is so rejuvenating – even if only for a quick walk or coffee.  Also our neighbours.  We live in the best little complex with amazing neighbours and with the warm weather it’s almost a guarantee that the end of your day will be spent out front, playing with the kids (everyone’s kids), enjoying a bevy, chatting about our days as everyone preps dinner.  It’s my favourite thing about Vancouver right now 🙂

He:  Without a doubt seeing our friends and family.  Second best is that we are attempting to amalgamate some of the lifestyle choices we made in Tamarindo that we wanted to bring to Vancouver, such as selling our car.

Q: What’s next?

She: Getting the twins used to sleeping on their floor beds and potty training is my next “twin” focus and hopefully more yoga and bike riding for me.  As for life, we are still talking about different options for 2016 which all depend on work and some more research on South and Central American cities.   All I can say is that whatever (and however) we decide our next move you will be kept in the loop.

He: The major housekeeping business is coming to an end so now it’s time to work more lifestyle things in like playing sports and regularly seeing friends.  Trying to relax and have more fun with the kids.

Check out more SHE SAID / HE SAID posts here and let me know if there is anything SHE and HE can share our perspectives on.  Sometimes it takes seeing an other person’s view to understand how you truly feel about an issue..  it’s not about being right or wrong.  It’s about being honest.


2 thoughts on “SHE SAID / HE SAID – PART 3 – We’ve been back for a month already??

  1. “I don’t care if I see your kids or not… my relationship is with you – the adult – and your kids are cool but they don’t MAKE the party, and I’m cool if you feel the same way about my kids” – you had to know I would LOVE that one! Please be sure our minimum-one-vacay-per-yr-together policy remains in your 2016 plans. We have ideas already…. Love you guys. And your kids.


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