M.O.M (Mother of the Month) – July 2015 – Jenny!

The most common question I get regarding the twins is: How do you do it?” (usually said with fear and dread)  The answer, while not very inspiring, is “You just do”.  It’s like all things in life that you can’t explain until you experience it – you just do.  Our M.O.M. for July not only taps into her creativity when it comes to raising her twin daughters, but also launched Porter Press Company with her husband creating full color custom apparel and gift items which they create and produce together.  Yes having twins is overwhelming and yes it keeps you busy, but as Jenny shows below, it can also be a great catalyst to make your dreams a reality knowing that you can overcome almost ANY obstacle.  I introduce Jenny:

About YOU:

What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

 because it’s really the only time I see the twins for more the 3 hours, I like to ensure we spend “quality” time with them while they are awake. We usually hit up parks, splash pads or head to the cottage. Activities we love are playing in the sand, slides and water activities.

What was the last event you bought a ticket and went to?

New Kids on the Block and next up is Taylor Swift in the fall.

Where is your “happy place” or “happy activity” right now?

I obviously love anything to do with crafts. I think it’s something I have always loved and I am just lucky enough to be able to do it in my daily life with our at home business – Porter Press Company.  (Check them out on Facebook!)

 About Twins:

How did you find out you were having twins?

We only found out we were having twins at our 3 month dating ultrasound. Although I believe I knew before that. First I had a dream about twins and I just had a “feeling” I was. Seems crazy now looking back… the other indicator may have been the weight gain and having to buy maternity pants at 2.5 months! Lol.

What was the general reaction from your partner/your family and friends?

Shock at first… we were scared. Having one baby seemed difficult enough and to think of TWINS was just above and beyond what we expected. Family / Friends were excited and were happy to tell us all about the twins they once knew. If you’re a twin mom, you know that is one of the most common thing you talk about with strangers in the grocery store.

In what ways has your partner surprised you through this journey?  

I am incredibly lucky to have a loving and supportive husband. He jumped right in to be a part of the whole process. From attending every appointment to helping with all the daily tasks when I was too large to move off the couch! When the twins were born we had to support each other and work together. We were under a lot of stress being sleep deprived. It was a tough in the beginning learning how to take care of two little people, but we did it together. He was up every night helping feed the twins, and then up all day working and doing it over and over again. He is very involved with all aspects of the twins upbringing and that is what makes him an incredible dad.

Was pregnancy what you thought it would be?

No. It was difficult. I was surrounded by friends and mom group people having a fabulous easy pregnancy and I was having a rough go. I had nausea and vomiting that was over and above anything I had ever experienced, I had to take Diclectin my whole pregnancy. I also had a high heart resting heart rate of 120bpm.   We had to see our OBGYN every two weeks because we were having mono/di (identical twins) as well as we had ultrasounds every two weeks to watch for twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Most women would be excited about having ultrasounds that often, but for me it made me paranoid. I gained 100lbs and just felt enormous. I pictured myself enjoying pregnancy and being able to go on a babymoon but that wasn’t the case for me, I was at home on the couch watching movies and napping. At 35 weeks we went into labor. I feel lucky to have had 2 very healthy little girls so really overall it probably wasn’t as bad it seems.

How old are the twins now?

The twins will be 2 in September. Time flies.

What similarities and differences do you notice between them at this age?

C – is quiet and very observant. Her vocabulary is very good and she is able to for the most part tell us her needs and wants. She loves to read and play outside. She is very friendly with other kids.  O – is outgoing… and very loud. She loves blocks and hands on games. She is adventurous and loves to test boundaries. She is very fun loving and cuddly.

What are the current struggles with twins at this age?

Right now because they are learning at an expedited rate – they can’t always verbalize what they want. So they get frustrated when we don’t know exactly what they want – causing tantrums due to miscommunication. They also don’t like us changing their diapers. So when we do change them it appears like a WWF match.

What are some successes you’ve accomplished with twins at this age?

We are doing very well with the twins identifying objects and colors. They are getting very good at identifying family by name.

About starting your own company:

How did you make time to start Porter Press during the twins first year?

Sleep Training. At 4.5 months we sleep trained our twins with the help of a sleep consultant. It was honestly the best money we ever spent! Once we had the twins on this regimented schedule we were able to free up our evenings to work on our business.

What made you decide to start Porter Press then?

To start, I love doing crafts and I am always being told “you could sell that”. So we now we do. We started our small business in December 2013 because the cost of Mat Leave was very expensive and we wanted to offset the costs of formula, diapers and other life expenses.  I love to design and assemble all our products. My husband Chris is amazing at visualizing how our designs and ideas should be implemented and from there we make our visions a reality. We strongly believe life’s personal stories and moments are best told through the day to day memories we make by surrounding ourselves with people we love. And our hope is that these goods inspire our customers to share these moments with others.

What have you learned about balancing both the company and the family?

It’s a fine line to balance. But our drive is our Twins. We work hard so they can live the life we want them to have. We want them to learn the importance of following your dreams and if you have the hardworking mentality and the drive you can accomplish anything.  

Has being a mom given you any insight or changed how you approach work now?

I don’t stress. I use to bring my daily work home with me and stress about what couldn’t always be fixed. Now I go home excited to see the girls and leave work at work.   We only get so much time with the twins on weekdays so I like to make sure it counts.

When do you find time for YOU?

That is something I am working on. I don’t always have time for me. But I am told when the girls are 30 I will have lots of time to myself lol. But honestly I try to get out with my best friend Shari at least twice a month. Thankfully she has a son close in age to the twins so we can do playdates and have similar struggles to talk about. I save a lot of money on therapy having her as a best friend it’s so important to have that outlet!

And Finally: What was your favourite Halloween costume for the twins so far?

I think this year will be my favorite I have monkey costumes for them to wear.


Each month we feature a mom of multiples and share how they handle life and all the unique situations that come with parenthood.  Check out previous M.O.M posts here.


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