With change brings reflection…. all consuming reflection.

Lots of change in the air today and while I like the hope and optimism it brings, it also scares the shit out of me.  For the record, I am not talking about the empowering change that happened in Canadian politics this week, although it has put a little hop in my step … no, this is not that kind of blog.. this is my parenting, travel, life blog and the change I am focusing on is our move to Playa Del Coco at the end of the month!

We have always been interested in exploring other parts of this amazing country but kept coming back to Tamarindo because of how easy it was for our family to live here.  Clearly we are not the only people who think this way and trying to find a long term rental in our budget has proven more difficult than we thought so we’re taking that as a sign and making our way up the coast (more on that next week).  We could have made shorter term rentals work for us in Tamarindo and pieced together our next 6 months but instead we looked at it as an opportunity.

Coco still provides walking access to grocery stores and clinics as well as restaurants so I know we have our bases covered and as an active Costa Rican beach town, I know we’ll still have our Pura Vida lifestyle but change is still change and I am the type of person who needs to reflect on the current when I know things are about to be different.  Call me “sensitive” or “cautious” but this is part of my process.

I am not good at change.  It embodies both holding on and letting go. It’s realizing you have to make room for what’s to come while not forgetting the lessons you have learned from the past.  This is exactly what traveling offers me,  insight and practice to do the things I need to do to help me face change.  So this week as you face your own challenges, picture me in my reflection ritual – listening to familiar music, walking familiar routes and enjoying familiar happy hours – hey, I never said I was suffering 🙂

Thinking of traveling to Tamarindo?  There are many great resources online that breakdown every detail of living here so in addition to the information you have already found here is a little pocket guide on how we did it.

Questions?  Ask away!!


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