Liquid courage – mommy style

Remember when you were young and “liquid courage” referred to being juuuust buzzed enough that you had the confidence to chat with a group of strangers at a party, or make a witty yet flirty remark to that person you were madly in love with, but never spoke to otherwise. I’m not talking about being drunk when you are loud, annoying, inappropriate and unwanted.  I’m talking easy breezy buzzed. Just relaxed enough to be calm and cool and still in control. Remember that?

Well I think “liquid courage” has made a comeback and it’s new market is parents of toddlers – often in the form of wine -specifically when I’m making dinner.  By this time of the day I have exhausted the phrases “No hitting – hitting hurts”, “do you want to pee in the potty? – are you peeing on the floor!!?”, “No biting – biting hurts”, “Hey – stop rolling over – mommy’s not done changing you”  This is the time of day when I get to say “go ask Daddy to play because tonight Mommy is making dinner and the oven is hot, so you can’t come in here.. that’s right.. you can’t come in here for the next hour …for your own safety” and then I pour myself a glass of wine and relax.

when 7pm feels like 3am

when 7pm feels like 3am

It takes the edge off.

It erases the 17 times THIS happened at nap time: SHE throws stuffed puppy on the floor, cries for it, I return puppy, HE throws puppy on the floor, cries for it, I return puppy.

It puts that song back into my head that I am obsessed with. (currently Adele’s Hello)

It reminds me of when the twins held hands while walking down the road and then spontaneously ran to hold mine.

It makes my greasy hair look “beach tussled”.

If the day has been a rough one it helps me regain my calm, cool and control.

when 7pm feels like 7pm

when 7pm feels like 7pm

In all reality it is probably just the hour break that makes all the difference.  This is probably where some more “me time” would come in handy but until I get that balance back I’ll take the courage anyway I can get it… particularly in a glass of Cab Sauv.  Am I right people??

This is how I roll up to parties now.

courage is easily transportable


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