Playa Del Coco – Home is where your Cerveza is.

When we told people in Tamarindo that we were leaving for Coco we got a lot of  “oh – I don’t like Coco that much” but when I pressed for reasons they never really had any… we have been in Coco now for a few days and when we tell people we came from Tamarindo they say “oh – I don’t like Tamarindo that much” yet again when I ask why, no real reason is given.

True.  Tamarindo attracts a younger crowd usually on a 10 day vacation where they surf, lay on the beach and check out the nightlife that always has a “ladies night” somewhere.   WE WERE THERE for the beach, access to grocery stores, restaurants and the mix of locals and expats from all over the world.  We were often at home by our pool at night -so the nightlife (good and bad) was irrelevant to us.

True.  Coco attracts an older crowd often here for months at at time who want to walk the beach, enjoy the food and local music that plays most nights (so I am told).  WE ARE HERE for the beach, access to grocery stores and restaurants and the mix of locals and expats from all over the world – and again will continue to find ourselves by the pool most nights – so the nightlife (good and bad) is not important.

I think it’s similar to when you went to College or University and YOUR school was better for no other real reason than because YOU related to it.  Well so far week 1 in Coco and I can say we relate to it as well as we related to Tamarindo.

We arrived on Hallowe’en, so we were cleaning and unpacking when we noticed a few little trick or treaters walking through the complex.  I threw the little rock star costumes on the twins and ran outside to meet our new neighbours (a friendly Polish family).  From here we decided it was time to walk through town and ended up at one of the local bars called Coconutz with happy our until 7 and live music all night, it was a great intro to town.

In the past few days we have discovered a wonderful playground in a grassy, shaded area where we have already met other families (Venezuelan, Alaskan, Costa Rican).  We have enjoyed walks along the beach which is paved in some areas and have price compared at different grocery stores.  My sister came down from Nicaragua to visit and help with the move and having that 3-2 adult- kid ratio made it both easier and more enjoyable. (Thanks Stef)

I will say I am a bit taken back by the number of sports bars I have seen on the main Strip (3 and counting) but there are Soda’s (small local restaurants) everywhere including a handful on the beach so I am sure we will enjoy some great typical meals while we’re here. We are greeted in English over Spanish most of the time which is poor timing for me as I am determined to improve my Espańol but I am speaking it whenever possible and our neighbours all seem to speak it fluently so that should help.

Our routine is pretty similar:   Mornings are a mix of playing outside at the park or pool, maybe doing a few errands like grocery shopping before lunch, then nap time followed by more outside time either in the yard, pool or beach.  Jhod usually takes a break from work around 5, we have dinner and then play with the kids until bedtime – then we either enjoy a cerveza by the pool, or if Jhod has a few work things to finish, I stalk Facebook or write this blog and then we FINALLY get to hang out just the two of us.. unless one of us passes out… AH parenthood.

We have already met some great people with special mention going out to Al and Janice.  They came up to us at the park a few days ago and immediately dropped their stuff to push the twins on the swings, help them across the monkey bars and chat with me about Coco.  Turns out they are fellow Canadians who have a 4 month old grandchild at home and had some grandparenting love to give – the twins were more than happy to receive it.  We met up the following day as well and chatted more about their travels in life (including the year they took off when their kids were 10 and 12 to travel the world) and the lessons they have and continue to learn from traveling. They even offered to take the twins in the ocean which is always a gift (remember how 3-2 is the perfect ratio).  We had to say goodbye today as they are on their way south but meeting them just reinforced that the smallest gesture (stopping to say HI) can turn into the biggest gift.

I think we’re going to like it here.


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