The first day of school

We started school this week and I wasn’t really prepared for how AWESOME it would be.

Now before you ask “school?  already?”, “wasn’t it emotional?”, “what are you going to do with all your free time?”, and “are you going back to work?” let me clarify that they started preschool, half days, part time so it’s not really enough time for us to make big changes but the twins were ready for some (more) structure, and honestly I needed the break from the “threenagers”.

It was a big milestone for us and I feel like I was shown the light. They fight me on everything these days.  Black is white, up is down, they switch between tantrums and cuddles within seconds and its EX-HAUST-ING x 2  so I knew that school was going to be great, the question was, would they?

And so began the prep work. First of all, there were the books we read to them and the talks we had about the new friends they’d meet and experiences they’d have.  I told them that school is this super cool thing that kids get to do and that unfortunately I can’t come in the classroom, but I’d be right outside – so now they believe that I sit outside and read a book and I’m okay with that for now.

✔️    Mental prep

Then there was the list of supplies, indoor shoes, a second set of rain clothes, preparing the earthquake kit and labeling everything. (I always loved back to school so this part was fun for me).

✔️    Physical Prep

Enter Monday. The school does a gradual entry so the twins were only going for an hour this week but with all of my excitement for the day I rushed and pushed them for their 12:30pm start. When I hadn’t heard from J at 12:15pm, I called him in a huff as I put the twins shoes on to which he replied, “don’t they start at 2pm today?”

Oh. Shit.

Now I had two toddlers jacked and ready for school and we were 1.5 hours early which is an eternity at that age so we doddled; had a snack, 2 more bathroom breaks and took 30 minutes to walk the 5 minutes to school.  However, once they saw the gate it was over. They ran straight to their teacher, no looking back leaving J and I to do the only logical thing, walk to the nearest pub for a celebratory drink and nachos.

At the end of the hour we were waiting at the gate (aka reading my book) and the twins came running out with big smiles. I’m thinking we’re about to hear an epic tale of fun games and new friends but all we hear is “CAKE”…

Turns out the last Monday of the month is when the school celebrates all the birthdays for that month meaning that the twins first day of school ended with (yet another) birthday celebration with (even more) cake.





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